Are Yeti Coolers Ever On Sale?

Do you ever wonder if there’s a way to get a Yeti cooler at a discount?
Well, there is!
There are plenty of ways to save money on coolers, but few are as effective as buying a used one.
If you want to find out how to buy a used cooler, then keep reading.
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Why Are Yeti Coolers Never On Sale?

Yeti coolers are not ever on sale because they are expensive and they are hard to get. It takes a long time to build a brand new factory and sell these coolers. Once the factory is built, it takes a long time to produce enough coolers to meet the demand. This is why we never see any Yeti coolers on sale.

Where To Find Yeti Coolers On Sale

Yeti coolers are sold online only. We ship our products worldwide. Our website is How Much Do Yeti Coolers Cost?

Don’t Buy Yeti Coolers From Amazon

We sell Yeti coolers for $99.95.

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The ‘Yeti Discount’ Trick

Amazon sells these coolers for $49.99 but if you click on the link below you can get the same cooler for $39.99.

Be Careful

If you buy from Amazon, you will pay extra shipping charges. But if you go directly to Yeti’s website, you won’t have to pay any shipping fees. You can save money by buying from Amazon because you’ll pay more for shipping. However, if you shop at Yeti’s website, there will be no shipping costs.

Why You Should Buy Directly From Yeti

Yeti makes great products but they are not cheap. So we decided to sell direct to our customers. We know that many people prefer to buy from us rather than Amazon. That’s why we created this page. We hope you enjoy our site and find everything you need. Thank you for visiting!

How do you get 20% off of a YETI?

YETI has a Black Friday sale starting November 23rd, 2018. This year we are offering a $100 discount off our popular YETI Coolers. We are also offering free shipping on orders placed between Thanksgiving Day November 22nd and Cyber Monday December 2nd.

Does Yeti have a Black Friday deal?

Yeti coolers are not sold on sale but if you buy a used cooler from someone who owns one, you can get a good deal. It is important to know that the price of the cooler depends on how many years old it is. A brand new cooler will cost more than a used one.

How do you get 20% off of a Yeti?

YETI is offering $100 off any product purchased from their website. This offer is valid only for registered nurses. To get started, visit

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Does YETI every go on sale?

YETI coolers are not sold on regular basis but they are available during sales. So if you are planning to buy a YETI cooler, you need to check the availability of the product during sales.

How much is the YETI discount for nurses?

Yeti Coolers are great for keeping drinks cold and food hot. They are very durable and easy to clean. They are available in different sizes and colors. You can buy them online or from any store. To get 20% discount on your Yeti cooler go to

Does Yeti come on sale?

Yes, Yeti has a Black Friday Deal! Get $100 off any Yeti product. Use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout. This offer is valid from 12/1/19 – 1/2/20.

Does YETI have a Black Friday deal?

YETI is a company that sells coolers and other outdoor gear. It is very popular among outdoorsmen and hunters. YETI offers discounts on their products. To get 20% discount on any product, visit and enter code “20OFF”. This offer is valid only for new customers.

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