What Is a Bench Scraper Used For

When you are inside a kitchen and you are thinking of preparing something then the first thing and the most important thing are the tools.

It is very important to have all the tools for completing the task. If you are thinking of preparing a cake and a cake lover just like me, you must have a bench scraper. A bench scraper is a tool that looks flat and at first glance, it might seem worthless but trust me it is very useful and if you want proof then this article is the proof for you. For the people who love cakes and prepare them this bench scraper will make your tools complete and let you do the job properly.

It can be used for various cooking tasks and not only that it is also very useful for pastries, cakes, and cookies. It might be called a scraper but it also works as a cutter for cakes and pizzas. Bread, dough, and many more food items can be cut using this bench scraper. It has a lot of functions to do inside your kitchen. Today we are going to look at some of the most important things for which you can use a bench scraper for.

What is a bench scraper?

A bench scraper which is also popularly known by many names like a bench knife, a dough scraper, and many other names is a flat and rectangular product made of steel with a handle.

The handle is present to hold the scraper and it is on one of the edges. It can be thought of as a wide and dull knife that is used by bakers mostly to divide and transfer the dough. The dough can also be divided into proper parts as there are measurements on the scraper. It helps to easily transfer dough from one place to another.

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A scraper has many uses as it can also be used to scrape off the excess dough from the counter or remove the dry dough which is not needed. It can remove the extra dough from the baker’s counter which you call a bench and that’s why this handy tool is called a bench scraper.

You can also call it a chef’s knife for bakers. It is very useful and if you make cakes and pastries daily, you must have this tool as it will make things very simple for you.

If you are a cake lover then you must have a bench scraper at your place, here are some of the reasons why.

A cutting tool

A bench scraper is multifunctional but is mostly used for cutting. You can see that people use it to cut dough, bread, and pie crust or cakes.

You might be thinking that why a scraper when you can use a knife to cut your dough but a scraper is a tool made of stainless steel which prevents the dough from sticking to the scraper. You can use the scraper to cut and divide the sticky dough easily without creating a mess. A scraper is a big tool compared to a knife so it also helps to keep your hands and fingers clean while cutting the dough or cake.

Many other things like frozen butter, cakes, and pastries can also be cut using a scraper. You can easily cut cakes and brownies when they are still on the pan. If you want to make it more useful then you can also make use of it to cut beef and vegetables.

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As a scraper

A scraper has a thin and wide surface and it is very durable so it is good and the perfect option to remove or scrape the dry dough.

You won’t have to worry about getting the dough scratched or lifting the dough after you have cut it into perfect shapes. You can also use a bench scraper to provide smooth ends to the icing at the sides. The most unexpected thing a scraper is capable of doing is that it is used by butchers to clean their cutting boards. They tend to do this by eroding the surface of the cutting board. This is done after the completion of cutting the meat so that there are no meat remains on the cutting board.

For measurements

There are many scrapers available in the market that have measurements on them and they aren’t just for design but they have a purpose.

If you are going to buy a scraper then make sure that you buy one that has measurements on them. These measurements help to know the thickness of the dough and the right length. You can measure the length and thickness of the dough before putting it on the pan to be accurate. You can also make sure that the dough is cut into the same length as the help of these measurements. A scraper is thin and therefore you won’t have to worry about its storage as you can store it easily anywhere.

What else can it be used for?

If you make pies, cakes, and cookies regularly then a bench scraper is going to be very helpful. Apart from cutting and scraping dough, it can do a lot more.

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It can be used as a tool to carry the dough or a pie crust from your counter and then place it on a pan. It is thin and it can easily reach the bottom of the dough or pie crust so you can easily lift it without deterioration. It’s also very good for cutting butter and making biscuits and cookies. It can help you to cut the biscuits properly with proper measurements.

You may be aware of the fact that you have tried to make a pan of brownies or bars into perfect places with the use of a coupling or ordinary spatula. It’s something like a bench scraper. Because it is a straight edge that lets you cut straight down, you can climb up right across the border of the brownie pot.

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A bench scraper is a very useful tool that can be used for a lot of o things. If you make cakes and pies regularly then this tool is going to be very helpful. It can be bought online and by visiting a store as it is easily available.

I have mentioned some of the uses of a bench scraper and you can find out many more uses by doing creative things. It is a very durable tool and you can use it for cutting, scraping, lifting, and measurements too. I have mentioned everything related to the uses of a bench scraper. I hope this article was helpful and informative.

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