What To Do If You’ve Accidentally Washed A Silica Gel Packet?

What if you accidentally washed a silica gel packet? How do you get rid of it?There are many things that can happen during the manufacturing process of silica gel packets. This includes the packaging being damaged, leaking, or even washing off.In this blog post I am explaining how to remove silica gel packets from clothing….

What is Silica Gel?

Silica gel is used to keep food fresh and prevent moisture loss._Hg3p4VZNf8 It’s also known as desiccant because it absorbs water vapor. It’s often used to dry out foods and protect against humidity.http://www.silicagel.org/ Silica gel is a porous material composed of silicon dioxide SiO2. It’s commonly found in small packets of silica gel beads. Who…