No Donut Pan Here Are 5 Donut Pan Substitutes

Donuts is also known as doughnuts is a very well-known snack that is consumed all over the world by many. They are very delicious and prepared on a large scale. We can simply say that doughnuts are everywhere.

This delicious snack can be bought or you can also prepare it at home. It is very simple to make a donut at home. Some of the facts about donuts are such that they will just blow your mind. In the U.S. donuts are prepared in a very large volume.

Over 10 billion donuts are prepared in just one year in the U.S. They are very much loved and if you haven’t tried them then you must try them as soon as possible. You can easily buy it from donut stores or if it’s not available you can also prepare it at your place.

You can have it with your morning tea and coffee and all you need is a donut pan to prepare it but wait, now the question is what if you do not have a donut pan? Don’t worry because this post is all about the things you can use when you do not have a donut pan.

I have mentioned some of the tools you can use as a substitute when you do not have a donut pan but you still want to prepare a donut at your place. If you are thinking of preparing a donut without a donut pan then this article will help you to do that easily. Read this carefully.

Looking for Donut pan Substitute?

Preparing donuts at home can be very simple but you are going to need a donut pan for that and many people do not have one and do not want to buy one just for preparing a donut.

A Donut pan will help you to get that sweet and properly baked donut recipe in the desired shape. A donut pan can only be used to prepare a donut so people resist paying for it but a donut can still be prepared using many other tools. Today we will look at 5 of such things that you can use as a substitute. A donut pan will only let you prepare a donut and if you want to save money then you can simply use these of the following substitutes.

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5 best ways to prepare Donuts without Donut pan

If you are looking for a donut pan substitute and you want to try preparing donuts at your home then you are at the very right place. We have found out some of the best DIYs for you.

Muffin pan

One of the best alternatives that you can use instead of a donut pan is a muffin pan. A muffin pan can help you to reach the proper shape and texture for your Donuts.

For the center holes, you can make use of parchment paper or tin foil. All you need to do is to get some parchment paper and then roll the parchment paper to the adjustable size according to the muffin pan. You need to roll each piece by keeping the bottom flat. This will help the little log stand up in the pan. After this, you will have to grease the muffin pan with any type of oil. Take the tin foil or parchment paper and place it in the middle of the muffin pan.

Now take a pastry bag and then fill the muffin pan with the mixture of the donuts. This is very easy to do and it will also help to avoid any kind of mess like the batter getting spoil when you try to make it even.

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DIY donut pan

If you want to prepare a donut pan at home then you can take some parchment paper or tissues and then roll it into a cylindrical shape.

You will have to tightly wrap the foil around the roll to properly secure it and this will help to make the thickness of the donut as desired. After this, you will have to curve the cylinder part into a circular shape and the ends with tape. If you want to prepare molds you will have to cut a large sheet of foil then fold the sheet in half and then cut it again into two.

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Now push the foil donut you just prepared into the middle of the sheet. You will require some more foil so get it and then add it around the edges of the donuts. After this remove the center foil piece.

Freeform donuts

If you do not have any type of equipment like a mold, cookie or biscuit cutters, or a muffin pan, then also you can prepare your donuts in free form.

You will have to take a baking sheet and put three to four spoons of batter. If you want to shape the batter you can make use of your fingers or you can also use a spatula for shaping the batter into a ring shape or you can also try giving it a round shape. Take a spoon and try to make it smooth.

Use your fingers to prepare a hold and then keep trying until you get the desired shape for the donut you are looking for. While using this method you will feel creative and it is also a very easy and exciting experience. You will feel good while preparing donuts in this way.

A round mold

If you do not have mold then they are readily available in the market. You will get many shapes of mold but a common one is around one which will are going to need for preparing donuts.

If you are someone who doesn’t want a donut to have a bottom with a muffin-like shape and if you want a nice round shape for your muffin then you can make use of a round mold. You can simply lay this round mold on the baking sheet or a sheet that is lined with parchment paper.

Now fill the round mold up to three-quarters of space as the doughnut batter is going to rise. You can make use of anything to make a hold between the batter. You can use your fingers for this. The hole should be thick as the batter will close when it will rise.

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Cookie cutters

Cookie cutters are used to cut biscuits and cookies in a round and uniform shape. They are very useful and if you want to prepare your donut without a donut pan then you can make use of a cookie-cutter.

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A cookie-cutter is yet another easy way of preparing donuts. After you are done making the dough of your donuts and when the dough rises into the double size you will have to roll it using a rolling pin on a surface that is flat and half-inch thick.

You can now use a cookie cutter to cut circles from the dough you rolled. After this, you will have to transfer the circles that you cut using a cookie cutter on a cookie sheet. Now you will have to cut small circles in between. You can use a small olive oil bottle cap or top wine bottle or anything with a similar shape to create the holes.

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Donuts are very tasty and they are consumed on a very large scale. They are easily available at many stores and bakeries but if you want to prepare them at home you will need a donut pan.

A donut pan is only used to prepare a donut and that is the reason many people do not want to buy it. However, a donut is not like a donut pan as it can be prepared using many other things too. There are many substitute tools you can use instead of a donut pan to prepare donuts. I have mentioned five such things that you can make use of.

I have also discussed the proper way of using those tools for preparing donuts. I hope now you will be able to prepare donuts using these tools and then enjoy with your loved ones. I hope this article was useful and informative.

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