How to Use a Bread Lame

Bread is eaten all over the world and they are available in different shapes and sizes. It is not necessary to go to a store for buying bread as you can prepare them at home and you can prepare them as you want to.

You are going to need a bread lame for that and it’s a tool that helps in the preparation of bread. It helps to cut and create patterns and styles on your bread. A bread lame is easily available in the market and if you want one then you can buy it online too.

I have mentioned the link where you can find everything about the product and make a purchase. If you want to make bread at home and if you love making them, adding a bread lame to your kitchen is going to be an essential addition and a beautiful investment. However, buying bread lame isn’t all you need to learn how and when to use it.

Using bread lame is easy but you need to know the right techniques and follow them properly. If you are interested in finding out how to use a bread lame then you are at the very right place. I would be more than happy to help you to find out everything related to bread lame. Read this article carefully and you’ll know everything about bread lame.

What is scoring? And why do you need scoring?

Scoring bread can be a new term for you but it’s very simple. Scoring bread simply means using a bread lame to slash the dough.

When you slash the bread using a bread lame it helps you to control the directions in which the bread expands while it’s getting baked. A bread lame not only helps to give patterns to your bread but also helps to guide it when it rises in an optimized and controlled manner.

When should we use bread lame?

A bread lame is a very useful tool that helps in cutting your bread and giving a fine pattern to it. During the process of shaping a bread or loaf, it may burst at the weak spots.

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When you slash it on your own it may create a weak spot that will prevent the bursting of the dough and it also helps to control the directions in which the bread is going to expand. The time at which the bread lame comes into use is when you are ready to put the bread into the oven. It is used just before putting the bread or loaf inside the oven. You can also use bread lame just before proofing bread.

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Few tips on how to use a bread lame

I have mentioned some of the tips and tricks you can try while using a bread lame. It will help to use bread lame efficiently and easily.

  • When the dough is sticky and you are using a bread lame on it then you will have to oil it or wet the blades as it will help to cut the dough properly.
  • Before using a bread lame directly on a dough do some practice and use it on paper and try drawing there first.
  • While trying to use a bread lame on the dough, be confident and make swift slashes without pressing the dough down.
  • It is important to cross the pulp axis rather than score it across the pulp.
  • A sticky and wet paste requires a low cut, and a dry, rough paste needs to be cut deeper.
  • Change your blades regularly and make sure your lame bread has a sharp blade.
  • Let the dough stay uncovered and then flip it so that tension is created. This will help you during scoring after the final proofing.
  • While making cuts, try making them around 1/4 inches deep and at an angle of 30-45 degrees.
  • The cold dough can be slashed easily so make it cold and after slashing put it into the oven for baking right away.
  • You should keep your thumb at the base of the lame and then try slashing the dough with a quick arm motion.

How to use a Curved Bread Lame?

If you want your bread or loaf to have that area that is raised and it has a crust then using a curved bread lame will help you out.

While using a curved bread lame, when you slash the dough it will form a flap. This will rise in an upward direction and it will again go back down a little when you bake it inside the oven. If you are using a curved bread lame you need to hold it at an angle that is about 30-45 degrees above your bread. This will help you a lot in the formation of your flap upwards.

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Make sure that you do not press the dough hard but also ensure that you make a cut that is around 1 or 1 and a half inches thick. If the skin isn’t visible under the dough then you will have to slash it one more time. This time you need to have the cut a little deeper than the previous.

How to use a Straight Bread Lame?

A straight bread lame helps you to achieve a splayed opening after the bread gets baked. This simply means how a straight bread lame is different.

While using a straight bread lame it is important to hold it perpendicular. It should be properly held perpendicularly to the dough surface. This will help you create cuts as you desire. When you use a straight bread lame for making a few slashes then make sure that the cuts that you are going to make are deeper compared to what you do with a curved bread lame. This will give the bread a beautiful look. Use the bread lame for shallow cuts to evenly disperse the pressure over the dough for more cuts and decorative patterns.

How to make artistic designs using bread lame?

The main purpose of using bread lame is to create cuts and give patterns to your bread. It helps you to create artistic designs too. I have mentioned some of the artistic designs you can try.

When scoring your bread you can make different types of cuts for different purposes like Chevron is made for Batard, Polka, Swirl for Boule, etc.

Cross Design

If you are thinking of making a cross design for your bread using a bread lame then use the bread lame to make a center cross that is deeper than other slashes.

This will certainly help you to open the center of the bread in a way that will look beautiful. When you do not have much time for scoring then this is an easy way. If you are in a hurry making straight cuts from the top and some similar types of crossings in the center with an angle of 90 degrees.

Box top design

You can use a straight blade if you are thinking of making this design and it can be easily achieved using a straight blade.

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If you are thinking of something advanced like the box top peel towards the back then you can also make use of a curved blade that would help you achieve that. You need to make 4 side slashes as this would create a box and remain flat while baking. After this, you can do anything you want for the top designs.

Multiple small cuts

If you want to try out something creative then this method is going to be useful for you. You can try this out on any type of bread.

Using a bread lame you can make leaves, wheat stalks. Using a straight bread lame would be recommended here so that you can cut straight into the dough at an angle of 90 degrees for each cut.

Batard double scoring

This is a very decorative slashing method on loaves. This method is very common and popular. This method is used with wheat bread.

The name double scoring is because double slash looks better compared to single slash. The double slash looks beautiful and it also opens up the bread uniquely in a unique way. You can make use of a curved bread lame for creating a double slash. You need to start from the farthest side and then from there make an angled cut to the center. On the parallel side, you need to create another slash. This looks very beautiful.


A bread lame is a very useful tool for those who constantly prepare bread at home. It helps to cut, create a design, and for scoring of bread.

It is very important to know how to use bread lame properly and along with that, it is equally important to use it at the right time. I have mentioned everything about how to use bread lame and when to use it. I have also mentioned different cuts and patterns that you can make. I hope this article was informative and now you will be able to use bread lame and make beautiful patterns on your bread.

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