How to Fix a Cookie Scoop

Cookies are loved all over the world and in my own experience, I have never seen any person who doesn’t like cookies. If you are here reading this then you might also be a cookie lover too.

When we talk about cookies the chocolate chips cookies are the most popular ones and they were invented in the 1930s. From children to adults everyone enjoys cookies and they are everyone’s favorite. If you are a cookie lover then you might also have a cookie scoop. A cookie scoop is a tool that has springs and it helps to scoop and measure the dough that is used for making cookies. A cookie scoop is a very useful tool and it helps for doing many things other than just cookies. You can also make round cake batter quickly with it.

A cookie scoop has a spring in the handle that absorbs pressure from the hands of the user while picking the dough. A normal-sized cookie scoop has a capacity of 1.5 tablespoons.

A cookie scoop can be used to scoop ice-creams, you can use it to portion cupcakes and muffins. It is a very useful tool that can make delicious snacks for you. However, if you have a cookie scoop and if it is broken this can be a heartbreaking thing as of now you won’t be able to prepare your favorite cookie and icecreams. Fixing a cookie scoop is easy and if you do not know how to do it then I’m going to help you with that. Today we will look at some of the reasons why your cookie scoop is broken and we will also look at the ways to fix it.

If you own a cookie scoop and if it is damaged and broken then this article is going to be very useful. Read it to the very end.

Below mentioned are some of the examples of things that can take place while using a cookie scoop and damage it and I have also mentioned how to fix or repair it.

Scooper is dull or rough

When you clean or wash your scooper using a dishwasher or a washing machine, it can make your cookie scoop dull and rough.

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There are chances where scooper washed in a washing machine might become dull, resulting in damages. When such things happen to fix this, the best solution is by making a mixture of vinegar and salt water. You can make a mixture on the pan and then heating this mixture on the stove. When this mixture starts boiling you will have to take the scooper and put it in the mixture. You have to let it stay inside and soak overnight.

Scooper might have gone off the track

There are chances that the scooper might go off the track and this can happen pretty often and it is very simple to fix.

You can simply fix it by pulling the holder slowly and little. After pulling it you have to put the ratchet price back to its place. After you are done doing this you have to make sure that everything is in place. You can use tape to attach it to the scooper. You will have to do this to prevent the medal swing to swing up. Remember that you also need to put the little keeper back to its original place.

Some factors can cause cookie scoop to corrupt like:

The dough you prepared is too hard

There are times when the dough that is used to prepare the dough is too hard.

This is because people store the dough inside the refrigerator and then use it right away. When you store the dough inside the refrigerator it becomes frozen and hard which can be a problem for the scoop. It can cause the scooper to get damaged. When you force the cookie scooper to pick up the batter it can cause damage to the scooper. It can even break the spring.

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Washing it in a dishwasher

When your scooper is dirty and it needs to be cleaned you should do it with your own hands. Never put your cookie scoop inside a dishwasher.

Cleaning inside the dishwasher can make your cookie scoop dull and rough. It is recommended that cleaning your scooper with the hand is better and it doesn’t even take much time and effort. Let your dishwasher wash all the dishes.

The dough remains on the scoop

After using the scooper for picking the dough it is very important to clean it with your hands properly.

If there are remnants of dough over the scoop and if you leave it for a long time then it can make your scooper rusty. This can be a serious problem and if such things happen then there is no other way to fix this and you will directly have to buy a new one.


If your scooper has fallen from a height then this can also cause damage to the scooper. This can often happen as the dough is sticky and it can cause slipping.

However, if you have got a durable and strong scooper made of good materials then it can be saved even if it falls multiple times. If you have bought a low-quality scooper dropping it once is enough to damage it and the springs might also get loose making it worthless.

Few tips for using cookie scoops

Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can try while using a cookie scoop for the best results.

  • You can try adding olive oil to your cookie scoop. You just have to add little olive oil and this will help to prevent the dough to stick to the scoop
  • If you have got a cookie scoop that has a metallic frame then you can use gloves as it will enhance the grip.
  • You can try making use of a bowl to get rid of the excess dough on your scoop so that you get the proper size
  • You should wash the cookie scoop after every use to maintain the shine and keep it clean
  • One should not make a rounded scoop instead go for a dome-shaped scoop that is flat on the bottom.
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Benefits of using a cookie scoop

There are many advantages and benefits of using a cookie scoop out of which I tried to shortlist a few.

  • Using a cookie scoop will make sure that you get consistent cookies while baking every time.
  • You can easily clean them.
  • There are many functions and the squeeze and release are very easy to use that save a lot of time and effort.
  • The consistency of the dough and the same portion that round helps to bake easily and evenly.
  • You can keep your hands clean and saves your time and effort.

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A cookie scoop is a very useful tool that can be used for various things. You can use it for muffins, cakes, ice-creams, and cookies.

Many times these cookie scoops get damaged due to some of the other factors and I have tried to mention them. I have also covered how one can fix a cookie scoop. I hope this article was informative and now you will be able to fix your cookie scoop and then enjoy your favorite cookies.

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