Can Parchment Paper Be Reused Is It Recyclable

So you bake a lot of things regularly and you prepare a lot of tasty baked food items like cookies, cakes, and many more.

Using parchment paper will solve a lot of issues and it is very helpful. If you have baked with parchment paper already and you are done preparing your favorite cookies and then you are taking out the baked items from the parchment paper after this you realized that your parchment paper still appears clean and you are thinking of keeping it to use it again but the thought of using it again troubles you because you have no idea whether you can reuse your parchment paper or not.

Don’t worry because today we will discuss everything related to parchment paper and see whether you can reuse and recycle it or not. If you bake pretty often with parchment paper then this piece of information is going to be helpful. We will also look at what parchment paper is and why one should not try to recycle it and what are the reasons why it is not recyclable. Read this article carefully to find out everything in detail.

What is parchment paper?

If you want to know about parchment paper then the first thing you should be aware of is that parchment papers are available in two versions that are bleached parchment paper and unbleached ones.

They are nonstick and heat resistant as you are going to use them for baking. Silicone is the material that makes them nonstick and heat-resistant. Most of the parchment paper is oven safe up to a temperature of 420 degrees F. This is the major differentiating factor between parchment paper and waxed paper. Waxed paper, on the other hand, is designed using waxed paper and they aren’t heat resistant therefore they can easily burn or melt. You can easily get parchment papers in pre-cut sheets too and this will be very helpful for baking.

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Can we reuse parchment paper?

Yes, the short and sweet answer to this confusion-creating question in your brain is yes you can reuse parchment paper.

If after using your parchment paper, it is not dark or greased and if it seems clean then you can easily reuse it. Before reusing your parchment paper you’ll have to consider the condition of your parchment paper after using it. Many people believe that one shouldn’t use parchment paper again but many think that using it again is fine if it’s in a good condition so it will depend on you and the condition of your parchment paper whether you want to reuse it or not.

If you are using parchment paper for dry dishes like cookies then you can make use of it several times. The exact number of times you can use it will depend on you and it isn’t something that is fixed. As soon as your parchment paper becomes dark you should throw it. The condition of your parchment paper will depend on the amount of time and temperature you are going to cook at. Until and unless your parchment paper gets dirty and brittle you can use it.

It will just save you money. If you cook a lot of cookies and you are using it for baking batches of cookies then you can reuse it multiple times before it goes bad. You just have to pick up the previous batch and add a new batch of cookies on the paper. This is how you can make use of it again and again before actually throwing it away. If you are using parchment paper then you will have to make sure that you use it below 425 degrees F.

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If you bake at a temperature above that your parchment paper will go dark. Anything below 425 degrees F is fine.

Now as we know that parchment papers are reusable we will see whether you can recycle Parchment paper or not.

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Is parchment paper recyclable?

As far as we talk about reusing parchment paper then you can still reuse it many times but a Parchment paper is NOT recyclable and there are certain reasons for it.

Parchment paper has a silicone coating and this is the reason why it becomes very difficult to recycle parchment paper. Silicone is used to make the parchment paper non-sticky and heat-resistant and this silicone is also non-biodegradable and this is the reason why it is not possible to recycle parchment paper.

One recyclable thing is the box of your parchment paper. You just have to remove the metal strip present in it and then recycle it. It is mostly made using paper and therefore you can easily recycle it.

However, some parchment papers are recyclable as mentioned by some of the users but I haven’t seen such parchment papers yet. As we talk about the majority then almost every parchment paper is non-recyclable.

Why are parchment papers not Recyclable?

Paper recycling aims primarily at producing new usable paper products and preserving the environment. Treatment, coating, and oily papers are not easy to recycle as their components have difficulty separating.

You may contaminate the newly produced paper product by recycling a non-scrap paper. The majority of today’s parchment paper comes with a silicone coating that is non-sticky and thermal resistant.

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This is the main reason which makes parchment paper very difficult to recycle. The components that are present in the parchment paper cannot be easily separated and once you have already used your parchment paper, the paper residues may also affect the quality of the paper produced after recycling. It is recommended not to put your parchment paper in the recycling bin as you will only receive a ruined recycled batch of paper.


Parchment paper is very useful and it can be used for several different purposes. If you bake a lot of stuff then using parchment paper will make ribs easier.

It is made up of silicone which is a material that is non-stick and heat-resistant. However, silicone is also non-biodegradable and this is the reason why one should not recycle parchment paper. You can reuse parchment paper several times and you do it until it becomes dark or brittle. If you are baking dry baked items you can use them again and again.

I hope this article was informative and helpful.

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