Best BPA Free Steamers in 2021

Food steamers are very useful appliances and one should always have them inside their kitchen. They save so much time and cook a lot of food quickly.

Many brands offer good steamers however they are made of materials that aren’t good for your health but you won’t have to worry about that because if you are concerned about your health and the health of your loved ones then there are food steamers that are made up of BPA-free materials and they are very safe to use. I have done some research related to such steamers and found out some of the best products that are offered in the market.

Containers built by Bpa can slowly harm your health. The chemical enters the food and harms high blood pressure, the brain, and the behavior of a child. Why take so much risk, instead of other cheap ones, it is better to choose BPA-free gadgets. I have done some research to find out some of the best food steamers that are BPA-free. If you are looking for a food steamer then you are at the very right place. Keep reading this article and you will find the best ones here.

Cuisinart- Best Food Steamer

As we are all aware of the functionalities and durability the products of Cuisinart offer for so many years. They have been very consistent in the market and catered well to customers’ expectations.

This food steamer offered by Cuisinart is the best and that is the reason why it tops the list. This is a BPA-free product with everything that you need from it. It has got a powerful and brilliant steam system that has got a glass lid along with it. It also has a stainless steel rim for ease in adjustments. The quality of materials used to construct this product is absolutely the best and it is BPA-free which means it also takes good care of your health.

It has pre-programmed settings which you can use to prepare a variety of meals. There is a timer present that can be very helpful. You can set the timer and then walk away. It works quickly and efficiently. You can easily choose between 5 pre-programmed settings according to your requirements. This steamer also has an LCD control panel so that it becomes very simple to use. It has started, stop, pause and reheat buttons for adding convenience.

You get a water tank of 1 liter with this product. The bowl and cooking pot is dishwasher safe so you can easily clean them by putting them in the dishwasher. It comes with a huge capacity and you can easily prepare dinner for 4-5 people at a time.


  • It’s a BPA-free food steamer for health reasons
  • It works quickly
  • Very simple to use
  • There are five programmable settings and an LCD to monitor things
  • Very simple to clean as the bowl is dishwasher safe
  • Huge capacity to cook for 4-5 people at once


  • It is made of glass so you will have to handle it with care

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Rosewill- Electric Food Steamer

Are you looking for a BPA-free steamer with a huge capacity then look no more. This food steamer offered by Rosewill is the best option for you and you are just going to fall in love with it.

It comes with three large baskets which means a lot of space for your food. It has many amazing features and yes it is BPA-free which means your health will not be compromised. This is a three-tier food steamer with adjustable baskets. It helps you to store a lot of ingredients too separately. It has a turbo ring system for the management of heat properly.

It starts with 800 watts and this powerful system heats all over evenly. It also has a timer so when the process gets completed the steamer automatically stops. It has an option of 60 minutes which is perfect for optimal steaming.

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It has see-through construction that helps you to monitor the water level inside. You can easily add water inside and you can also check whether the added water is enough or not. It is very simple to use and also very easy to clean. The three baskets along with the rice bowl can be safely added inside the dishwasher so you won’t have to worry about cleaning it with your own hands.


  • It offers a huge capacity for steaming your food
  • The baskets are see-through and all three baskets can be adjusted
  • It also has a water level indicator to know how much water you have to add
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • It transfers heat evenly


  • It takes a time to cook hard ingredients than other steamers

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Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer

Hamilton Beach is yet another popular brand with excellent product offerings and they have been very consistent in the market providing outstanding customer services and products with a lot of features.

This is a very useful steamer which will help you to steam your food and make it delicious. It works quickly and it is very simple to use. It has a lot of features and it is everything that you are looking for. It cooks food in less than 60 minutes and this makes the product stand out from the crowd. The capacity of this steamer is large enough to cook lots of ingredients.

There is an option for using one bowl or adjusting two so that you can cook more. All you will have to do is remove the divider to steam food items that are large like broccoli.

The bowls of this excellent product are 100% BPA-free and are very safe to use. It comes with a bundle of various bowls such as simple bowls for steaming fish, meat, shrimp, oysters, and so forth. Another bowl to steam rice, that cooks also white and brown rice perfectly. The top bowl is normally used for eggs and you can achieve whatever texture you like.

It has got a digital touchpad to make things easier for you and stylish for the product. This has settings that can be seen from a very long distance too. The best thing about this steamer is that it also comes with a warm function that will help to keep the food warm after the steaming process is completed. The warm settings work for an hour and then turn off automatically. This is an extremely versatile and durable steamer and also very easy to clean as it comes with dishwasher-safe bowls.


  • Large capacity bowls
  • Dishwasher safe bowls
  • It has a digital touchpad
  • Keep warm settings included
  • Durable and versatile
  • BPA-free construction


  • Some pieces might mold after using it for some time

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Secura- Food Steamer

This is one of the best-selling steamers offered by Secura, which is a well-known brand. This stainless steel steamer is constructed for people who worry about their health.

It is a BPA-free product and it is very safe to use. It is very useful as it is capable of steaming the toughest vegetables with ease, it can also be used for steaming large vegetables and meat. It does the job in such a way that you will love it. It has got a heating system of 1200 watts that provides even heating. It has a huge capacity that can help you to cook for your family. The heating system works efficiently and effectively. It starts heating in less than 20 seconds. This steamer can quickly steam your food.

It has many features that make this product very versatile. The keep-warm function can keep your food warm at 176 degrees F and. It also has a delay switch that helps in slow cooking which lets you cook for 10 hours. The optimal steaming time for this steamer offered by Secura is 60 minutes. This steamer comes with 2 tiers pots that can be stacked. It comes with a handle that is non-slippery which has a knob. You get two steaming pots that are safe to put in the dishwasher and the manufacturer also provides a warranty of two years.

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  • It works quickly and effectively
  • It has a 1200 watts heating system
  • Two-tiered
  • It can generate heat in less than 20 seconds
  • Durable and BPA-free construction.
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years


  • The steel pots aren’t that good in quality.

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Nesco ST- 25F

This food steamer offered by Nesco is a very attractive and good-looking product that can be a good addition to your kitchen. This stylish product works efficiently and can easily stream your favorite food items.

It comes with a lot of useful features that make it a very good option to buy. The construction is so robust that the manufacturer claims that these food steamers are break-resistant. This food steamer offered by Nesco works in a way that it retains all the nutrients in the food. It also has got an auto-shutoff feature that will turn off the machine when the water is dried completely. The steamer is built with high-quality materials and it also has a great quantity of 5 liters. This will let you prepare a lot of food at once.

You can wash this food steamer in the dishwasher and this way you won’t have to worry about the cleaning process and it also won’t crack or break as it is built using high-quality materials. It has a sleek and stylish design which also takes care of the appearance and it is a very good addition to the modern-day kitchens. This steamer has got everything from being durable to being easy to use and clean along with all the features for steaming making it a proper and best option for you. What do you need more than this?


  • It has a capacity of 5 quarts which good enough for your whole family
  • It has two bowls that are durable enough that the manufacturer claims that they are break-resistant.
  • Very easy to use and easy to clean
  • It has an auto-shutoff feature that triggers when the tank is empty
  • Sleek and attractive design


  • There are no timing indication given

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Elite platinum

This is a very useful product that will let you cook delicious and very healthy food. You have never purchased a steamer that is BPA-free then giving this one a chance will not be a bad decision.

It has 3 large-sized bowls that help in the storage of a lot of food. This steamer can cook food for your whole family. It is a very versatile product. This steamer has got three sized layered bowls out of which two are 3.5 quarts and one is of 1.5 quarts. The total capacity is 8.5 quarts which is fairly too much and very helpful. It has got 60 minutes timers and also has an auto-shutoff feature.

When the water container gets empty it will turn off and even if the food gets cooked before 60 minutes it will shut off on its own. It has a great design which ensures that you can store it easily inside your cabinets. There are multiple trays included with this steamer. The food steamers offered by Elite are completely BPA-free and they are very simple to clean as you can put them directly in the dishwasher.


  • You get three bowls with different capacities
  • The materials used are BPA-free
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Auto shutoff feature included
  • Many trays are included


  • Some users claimed that the quality of plastic in some steamers was low.

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Buying Guide For The Best BPA-free steamer

Choosing the right food steamer will seem to be an easy job, but believe me when I say it isn’t because you will have a lot of choices to choose from, which will make things more difficult.

If you go to the store to buy the right food steamer, you’ll notice that several manufacturers sell items that seem to be the best, which is why it’s critical to think of the following factors to determine which one will best fit your needs. If you’re going to buy something, it should be worth it, which is why careful assessment is so important; otherwise, you’ll be disappointed with your purchase.


The first thing to be kept in mind on deciding which steamer to buy is the capacity as it will be the factor that will decide the amount of food you are going to cook.

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For this, you will have to keep in mind the number of people for whom you are going to steam food. There are steamers with a variety of capacities available in the market and they will fulfill different needs and that’s why you should consider the capacity.


It is very important to think about the health of yourself and your family members and that’s why while buying a product it is very essential to check the materials that are used.

A food steamer will directly be in contact with the food ingredients and that’s why the materials used must be of high quality and BPA-free. I have mentioned why BPA-free materials are important and how safe they are. Going for a food steamer that is BPA-free will always be a wise decision to make.

Steaming pots

Everyone wants something extra and when you are buying a steamer you should look for more steaming pots. Some steamers offer 1 steaming pots whereas others offer 2-3.

It is advisable and also very obvious that going for extra pots will always prove to be very convenient. It will give you extra space for cooking food and you can also cook a variety of food items in one go.

Ease of use

A steamer should be simple to use and it should also have water level indicators.

The last thing that you want while cooking food is complications and that’s why going for a steamer that is easy to use is advisable.


Many features are offered by different manufacturers and these features make it very convenient to use and prepare your food items easily and quickly.

Functions like LED display, keep warm and pre-programmed settings will help you to cook a variety of different food items easily.

Dishwasher safe

Cleaning can be very boring and irritating and that’s why you should look for food steamers that are easy to clean.

Many manufacturers offer products that have parts that are dishwasher safe and these parts include trays and bowls. You should go for such products as they are very simple to clean and save your time and effort.


Price is a very important consideration to keep in mind, and it should be the first thing on everyone’s mind. If the price you will pay exceeds the budget, both of these considerations are ruled out.

It’s important to look at products that are both affordable and provide outstanding outcomes. Look for inexpensive products that have a lot of useful features. If you get nice features, I think it is preferable to pay a little more. It’s also crucial to stop paying for features that will never be used since this is a waste of money. Paying the right price is important, but paying the right price for a commodity that suits your needs is much more important.


When shopping for a steamer, keep in mind that you want one that will last a long time.

Durability is described as a product’s ability to withstand repeated use without breaking or causing errors. Since you aren’t going to buy a steamer every two months, you can look for items that can last a long time.


A food steamer is a very useful appliance that will help you to cook a lot of food items and provide you with healthy and nutritious food.

If you are concerned about your help as one should always be, then you can go for BPA-free products. These products are safe to use and don’t do any harm. I have done some research to find out the best food steamers available in the market and shortlisted some of them for you. You can buy from the above list if any of the products match your requirements and expectations. I have also mentioned a buying guide to assist you in making a good purchase decision. I hope this article was useful and informative.

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