As a child I was often told that ‘healthy eating habits are the key to a healthy lifestyle.’

But did you ever wonder how these ‘healthy eating habits’ actually made you feel?

Do you ever find yourself craving unhealthy foods simply because you are missing out on a real, nutritious food?

For AccentLounge blog I (Katty Turner) wanted to focus on the importance of eating a balanced diet and giving your body the nutrition it needs, as well as how this affects our overall health.

I’m a food blogger and creative cook with a passion for all things sweet and savory! I love creating decadent desserts with natural ingredients, baking gluten-free, and living a healthy lifestyle.

My kitchen is where it all begins. A great recipe or recipe book always inspires me to create something tasty, whether that’s a new recipe to try or something else I’ve been planning.

I have always had an interest in the world of food and drink, starting with my grandmother when I was very young.

The kitchen is a space of creativity, but it can also be a space of chaos. There’s no easy way around it, and I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned so you can stay sane while still being inspired in the kitchen.

I’m a regular contributor to Bon Appétit and have also written for The Huffington Post, Glamour, Lucky Peach, Food Network and Saveur. I’ve worked as a recipe developer for Williams-Sonoma, as well as a pastry chef at the iconic Spago in Beverly Hills, California.

My latest book is “The Sweet Life: Gluten Free Desserts”. I’m currently working on a line of gluten free cookies and cakes for the brand, which will be launching later this year!

If there’s anything we know about food and drink, it’s that good things come in small packages. And when those small packages are done right, they’re some of the best things you can put into your body.

We love bringing out the best of what’s under the wrapper, from the simple to the gourmet. Whether it’s the way to make the most of a sandwich or the best way to enjoy a glass of wine, we’ve got it covered.

From baking and cooking, to dining and drinking, we bring you the best in kitchen and food. We’re always looking for the new and the exciting. We want to make your day better by making your food taste better, and we’ll do it with the utmost care and passion.

I believe that food is a vital part of our health and happiness. We all deserve a life of good eating, but not everyone has the time or knowledge to cook. I’ll be sharing my favourite recipes, tips, and tricks so you can start cooking with confidence.

Katty ❤